Karim Skalli - Kyoto

For this print release we wanted to try something a little different. Instead of offering artworks by a number of artists we wanted to focus on one artist and one artwork only. Around the time we were developing this idea we were approached by Karim to manage the production and distribution of a photograph he took in Kyoto, Japan.

Karim Skalli is a British/Moroccan photographer who's currently based in Kyoto, Japan. His work is highly conceptual focusing on our perceptions of the everyday and the banal. Through his documentation of the places, people and things he comes across in daily life he not only explores the subjects he's documenting but also his relationship with these subjects and in turn his own identity. The work entitled Kyoto captures his exploration of Fushimi Inari-taisha, one of the most important shrines dedicated to Inari; the god of rice and sake, of agriculture and industry.



In celebration of this work we designed and built a new e-commerce site fully customized in line with the aesthetics of the work, it's colours and presence. Alongside this we also designed a new certificate which accompanies the print, also reflecting the colours prominent within the work. In turn with this we have been inspired to create a long-lasting approach to market and distribute artwork, with devotion to a singular exemplary artwork.


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