A Different Light: 004


As the light of a moment and place reaches the eye, it colours the air with reality and tells us what we see is true, and that we ourselves are present.

The journey from the bright of day to the dark of night — a transition that happens in every place, everyday.

Katerina Woodcock


Instagram: @katerinafilm
Instagram: @tohullandbackfilm


Countries and cultures vary; but - sunrises, sunsets, overcast skies, golden hours, sun flares, glistening raindrops, spot lit evenings’ contrast, painted shadows - are kindred visual aesthetics that we see and share daily. A Different Light seeks to focus on what’s common and communal, and asks the audience to consider our relation to one another and the life around us.

A Different Light is an open collaborative photography project exploring relationships between the visuals of life, light’s role in aesthetics and association, and the telling of a tale.

Charlie Edward


Instagram: @charl.e.brooks
Website: charlebrooks.com

To Submit:

If you have some images which you feel fit with the project’s narrative, and would like to be featured in upcoming releases of A Different Light, please submit your selection of photographs to;



Images to be sized no more than 2MB, and at a maximum 2000px height/width. No restrictions on amount of submissions. Images to be featured on our blog, and a selection will be made for Instagram. Due accreditation will always be served.